The best poker sites online

Pokerstars has one of the largest player bases of any online poker site. It hosts recurring weekly tournaments with large prize pots and allows players to compete for a place at several major live poker events such as the European poker tour and the UK and Ireland poker tour.With so many people using the software, it’s always easy to find a game to suit your needs. The site also has a rewards points scheme where you earn bonus points by playing in cash games. Once you have accrued enough of them, you can redeem these points for either virtual or real-world rewards.

This site is like poker meets the sims. It gives you a customiseable avatar which can perform emotive gestures whilst you play.Some users may find it more enjoyable than other sites as it has a stronger social aspect due to the user’s ability to select a custom animated avatar to represent them at the table.The player’s avatar can perform a variety of gestures and expressions, including some impressive chip tricks.

Fulltilt poker is the home of Rush poker – the fastest poker on the web.The Rush poker system is designed to keep you playing as many hands of poker as possible – if you fold a hand at one table, you are instantly taken to another table to continue playing. Players are always taken to a new table after each hand, and may join the same Rush poker game more than once in order to play even more hands.Perfect for people who are looking to play a few quick hands of poker.