Roulette: The Physics of Gaming

The term Roulette means little wheel in French and this little wheel has given unending entertainment to numerous casino goers across the world.

Roulette: The Past

It is said that the roulette wheel was an accidental discovery and came into existence when a French scientist, Blaise Pascal, was trying to discover a motion machine which would operate without external energy. Although the scientist failed in his attempt, his experiment gave rise to the popular casino game called Roulette, Check out online roulette for more history.

Playing the Roulette:

The game involves a roulette ball spinning in a wheel and falling into a colored and numbered pocket. That is not all that is involved. It is always better to know the basics of a game before starting to play. There are two variations – the American Roulette with a considerably higher house edge, and the European Roulette. The American Roulette has 36 numbers, including 0 and 00, while the European Roulette is devoid of 00. Each player is given different colored betting chips and the dealer allows the players to place bets after which the roulette wheel is spun and the ball is tossed into it. When the ball comes to a stop, the winners are paid according to the bets that they have placed earlier. There is a wide variety of bets, from 1 to 1 right up to 35 to 1 bets. Roulette can be either played in a land-based casino or an online casino, check out Best UK Casinos for casino tips. Roulette is a fun game based purely on luck and engages players for hours. Though there is no sure fire way to success, the player’s familiarity with the wide range of odds that the game offers would make it easier to win in the game.