The basics of mobile roulette

Roulette has been a favorite game for casinos since the 17th Century. Today, with the onslaught of technology, it has become even more popular. We now have easier access to any casino around the world through our mobile phones and tablets.As a matter of fact, casinos are enjoying a large number of visitors via these gadgets as compared to the physical presence at the land-based casinos. To play roulette or any other casino game on your mobile, there are some basics things to know that will help you play.

  1. Know the tableIn roulette, there is a wheel that is spun by a croupier who drops a little ivory ball into the spinning wheel and when it stops spinning, the ball lands on a number. There are 36 numbers on the wheel in total with an additional 0 in the French roulette and another 00 in the American roulette. On the table in front of the players there is a marked table with correlating numbers where the players place their bets.
  2. Know the inside betBets are placed on the table in an effort to predict on which of the numbers the ball will land. The inside bets have higher odds of winning as compared to the outside bets.
  3. Know the outside betThis betting is done outside the table and does not involve any specific set of numbers. There is even and odd betting, dozen betting, color betting and column betting.
  4. Know the oddsIn roulette and all other casino games, the house is better placed. However, the odds for French roulette slightly differ from American roulette, and because the French version doesn’t have the double 0 the player has a slight advantage.

Last but not least, always keep your eyes open and remain attentive to know what is going on in the game.