Top Tips For Craps

What Is Craps?

If you’ve never played craps before, online games are going to be your best bet to get used to the rules and excitement of this popular casino game. The premise is simple; you roll a pair of dice and other people will bet on the outcome of the rolls. You automatically win with a roll of 7 or 11, whilst a 2 (snake eyes!), 3 or 12 means that everyone loses. Fortunately these rolls aren’t common so the excitement has time to build.

How to Play to Win

The best piece of advice is to bet slowly (as with all casino games). Just because you start with a grand in your pocket doesn’t mean you should bet recklessly as your game with be over very quickly if you do. The easiest way to make money quickly is just to play on the Pass/Don’t Pass line. Whilst the odds aren’t great, you’re more likely to make a small but steady income by playing the probabilities correctly. Use this to build up a small pot of extra cash which you can then use to bet big on other numbers. The most common (beyond a 7) are 6 and 8, so this should be where most of your money should go.

More Advice

For a brilliant overview of the game, including tips for beginners and advice for more experienced players, visit These guys really know their stuff and also link to their recommended casinos where you can be assured of a good time as well as good odds. Other useful sites for tips on getting the most from your craps include and